Wine Gift Sets for White Wine Drinkers

Compassion collection.

In this Woven Hamper Chest, you will find two bottles of wine. One of them is Chardonnay California and the other is a red mix of wine makers. As if they were not enough, there was also a delicious mix of snacks, such as dry apricots and lindt truffles, which would go well with a glass of wine.

Someone’s special white wine gift basket

Show someone you care about with this beautiful gift basket, full of treats and delicious items. Including is a bottle of Pinot Grigio, Guylian Seashell Truffle, 2 types of cakes, mixed nuts and beautiful bead frames so they can display special moments in their homes.

Cellars eastpoint chardonnay thank you gift basket

As far as the gift set of white wine goes, this is quite spectacular. As well as a beautiful bottle of Chardonnay, you will get some amazing snacks that will go well with a glass. Things like sea salt caramel, corn kettle and crackers are the perfect partner for this beautiful white wine.

White Bering Zinfandel & Snax Gift Box

If you are looking for a gift to give someone to their birthday or other special events, this gift set will definitely take care. A bottle of zinfandel white wine, cake, pretzel and other delicious items will be found in the box. You can even personalize the ribbon to give a final touch.

Bait + mouth just add wine

Just add the wine to this gift set to make a perfect night at. You will receive a wine carrying bag and inside, you will find salt pistachios and pepper, agricultural house chips and a very delicious white truffle popcorn but couples. With wine to really issue the best in it.

You are the best wine basket

Buy gifts for your child’s teacher or your boss is difficult, especially if you don’t know them well. You will not be wrong with the white wine gift set and this is the perfect size. With a bottle of wine and a delicious snack inside the bamboo basket, they will be very happy you think about it.

Briar Creek Cellars Chardonnay Basket Gift

In the bucket of a beautiful copper style, there is a bottle of Chardonnay along with some snacks such as the spread of cheese, olives and baguette chips, as well as sweet items such as hazelnut chocolate cakes and dark brown almond toffee. Pour the glass yourself and slip, you will not be disappointed.

White wine party gift box

You will be able to give this a truly unique prize by personalizing the finishing band. White chocolate bar, caramel popcorn and honey mustard Pretzel Nuggets are just a few delicious snacks that you will find inside, as well as a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Sauv Blanc & Gourmet Gift Box

In addition to a classic botavignon bottle, you will also find delicious items and snacks that will be perfect with a glass of cold white wine. Black chocolate, cake, dry apricots and almonds are all included and will be the perfect party for the night.

Indie Pinot Trio.

If you know drink drinkers, they will be happy as a blow to accept this Pinot Noir trio for their birthday, or any special event. All 3 wines are delicious and fit the food so they will be able to impress at the next dinner party.

California White Wine Trio

Served in wooden crates, the trio chosen with the trio of California white wine will be a very good gift to be taken to your next dinner party. There is even an option to add an engraved silver-plated hanging tag that is personalized to your gift set to give a final touch