The Best Christmas Gifts For Pool Players – Enjoy A Great Holiday!

Christmas is a time when friends and family get together, spend quality time with each other, and celebrate what matters most to them. However, it can also be stressful trying to figure out what gift you should buy for your loved ones during this hectic season. 

Luckily for pool players, there are plenty of great gifts you can give them this holiday! Read on to find out more about these fantastic products of gifts for pool players that will make any billiard player happy. 

The Best Christmas Gift For Pool Players


Chalk is a must-have for every pool player. This simple pool tool lets you know when to put it on and make sure your hands stay dry. But do you know what is the best part about chalk? You can get different brands that last longer! 

Chalk can be a tricky thing to deal with since it can get all over your hand, clothes and even the cue ball! But there are some good chalks out there that will make sure your friend will never have this issue again while playing, and it makes such a meaningful gift.

Choosing a long lasting chalk brand like Predator can make your billiard friend happy. Its dark blue hue creates an intense coat, compared to Master’s lighter color which wears off quicker. You wouldn’t want your friends to constantly change the chalk while playing, right?


Gifting your friends high quality pool gloves is a great way to show your love and affection. The best way for billiard players to avoid any dirt or chalk from hands getting on the cue stick is by wearing a glove. They will have a great time playing pool since it is now easier to position shots, aim better and consequently have fewer miscues with this one simple trick!


When it comes to buying billiard gloves, you’ll be surprised at the different colors and styles available. For starters, most are designed to cover the thumb through the forefinger with only three fingers left uncovered – these are typically used for holding cues while aiming shots so they don’t accidentally roll off of one side or another! 

Since it is a Christmas present, consider purchasing red or green gloves for your friend. Whether your friend is a rookie or a pro, get the best gloves style according to their amatuer and let them play the gun with ease!

Cue Pool Tip

There’s a good chance your friends have their pool cue tip worn out over time. It can be difficult to maintain them as they get roughed up from regular use and all those hours spent at practice or league games. 

A worn out billiard cue tip affects the imperfection in aim due to its lack of chalk grabbing power where precision is key.

Understanding the importance of a cue pool tip, giving your friend one of these life savers will make them feel grateful and happy. These small tools are easy to purchase as well, all you need to do is head to a pool sport selling store and ask for a cue billiard tip. 

Mini Pool Table

If your loved one’s family also enjoys pools, especially the little kids, the best gift you can give them is a mini pool table. This mini sport platform will help their family and friends have a great time with their ultimate sport. 

Check for the option of Amazon, buy online and have it delivered to your receiver’s house as a surprise. The products come at an affordable price point that won’t break your bank account, plus all benefits for billiard players are there. Who doesn’t love playing some old school billiards after dinner, right?

Cue Case

Are you trying to find a present for a pool player, who never carts around their sticks? Perhaps they’ve got an old case that’s falling apart or getting too raggedy-looking. If so, there is great news for you! 

There are tons of cases out there and it might be difficult picking one out on behalf of someone else – however with these tips we’ll make this process go smoothly: 

  • Color: You can buy a Christmas pattern billiard cue case (although this option is quite rare). If there isn’t such a Noel color, select the color which they like the most.
  • Size: If they have many cues, consider buying a big case otherwise your gift won’t be used by them oftenly.
  • Accessories: think about what accessories they usually use when playing pool?

Cue Pool

If you’re looking for the perfect billiard cue as a gift, there are some things that should be considered. 

Budget and type of player

The budget and type of player in mind will help determine what kind of stick they’ll need most – from beginner players who just want something cheap but functional all the way up to experts with lots of money on their hands available which can afford fancy custom cues!

The top cues in the world cost a pretty penny. Professional players can go for $500+, so you really need to think about how much money you’re willing to spend on that stick of theirs? Also if they are not such a pro player, the idea is not to spend that much.


One more important factor is a cue’s weight. Cues typically start at 18 oz and go up in 1/2-oz intervals, with some exceptions. The player’s preferred weight can be changed by removing the bolt that attaches their bottom part inside itself. 

In general novice players should have 19 – 20 ounce cues until they’re more experienced. Lighter weights make it easier for beginners’ hands to get used to them while still having pretty good control over how the pocket billiards travel.


It’s finally time to decide to buy the pool cues for your friends! But what type should you get? 

Well, there are many styles and brands available. Some people like elegant burned-wood patterns while others prefer floral designs. It all depends on who gets this gift: a novice player will appreciate anything that helps them enjoy their game even more than before, or who has quite a taste of style sport?

Either way, get them something you think that will be suitable to them, because when we give gifts rather than receiving them ourselves in our culture, then everyone feels extra special. It’s Christmas anyway, any gift will be acceptable!


We hope our list of the gifts for pool players in Christmas has helped you find something for your billiard enthusiast. 

The holidays are a time to give, so if you know someone who loves playing pool and would love one of these gift ideas, then don’t hesitate! Get them what they want this year with our recommendations!

Thank you for reading our article and we wish you a lovely Christmas with your family and friends!