20 Feminist Gifts Any Empowered Women Will Adore

The best way to show your love for the feminist in your life is by gifting them with these thoughtful presents. Whether encouraging someone who’s been through tough times or lifting them up, I’ve got all of their needs covered!

1. Blanket Hoodie

The big sherpa blanket hoodie is a great way to stay warm and cozy at home or on your next adventure. This blanket can be worn as an everyday accessory, such as watching TV while lounging around in bed reading; it also makes for super smooth Netflix binging when you need some time away from the world outside! You’ll especially love wearing this throughout winter months–especially if there’s more than just yourself living inside of its warmth ( FRIENDS!).

2. The Future Is Female T-Shirt

The iconic hairstyle of Princess Leia, with the Rebel Alliance symbol surrounded by shades of pink and blue is depicted in this awesome feminist t-shirt. It’s perfect for any Star Wars fan who wants to show their support as well as being an excellent gift idea on International Women’s Day!

3. Equality Hoodie

The 50% cotton/50% polyester hoodie is perfect for any chilly day. Whether you’re wearing it to stay warm or just because your feminism means something, this comfortable shirt will get the job done no matter what! Plus there are lots colors available so everyone can enjoy their own unique design.

4. Smash the Patriarchy Keychain

Be a guiding light for the next generation with this silver keychain. Add it to your keys and keep promoting women’s rights every day! So grab that hammer, put on those boots—you are going up against some tough glass ceilings today…

5. Wall-Hanging Tapestry

This silver keychain is a great way to show your support for the next generation. With this small reminder, you can help guide women’s rights and promote gender equality every day! So grab that hammer or put on those boots you’re going up against some tough glass ceilings today…

6. Canvas Tote Bag

Want to take your style up a notch? This 100% cotton canvas bag is perfect for the fashionista in all of us. With its natural color and unique print designs, this versatile piece can be used as both an everyday handbag or when you’re looking more dressed-up! Your favorite outfits will fit nicely into these durable totes which are machine washable (cold water) and dryer safe; no need worry about damaging anything delicate on top of getting clean clothes back after using them).

7. Uplifting Bookmarks

These bookmarks are perfect for a small gesture of kindness. They make the perfect gift, and come in an assortment of 12 designs with 3 copies each! The size means they can be used at parties or events as well- no need to worry about running low before your next big occasion rolls around again (and it’ll save on cost).

8. RBG Face Mask

Keeping your family safe and ensuring the human rights of everyone in need, these polyester masks will keep you protected from harmful germs. In addition they are adjustable so that their fit can be altered for maximum comfortability throughout any activity or event while still providing excellent filtration capabilities with three layers including an anti-bacterial layer to reduce illness caused by bacteria! These affordable products made out durable materials making them easy washable.

9. Iron-On Patches

These durable patches make excellent stocking stuffers or just-because gifts. They have adhesive glue on the back for iron-on transfers and sewing onto fabrics, so you can customize them to suit your recipient’s style! Give this cool item with a jean jacket as an assembly required present – no matter how creative they are in returning the favor at anniversary time.

10. Vote Necklace

#RightToVote, the most powerful necklace in America. This 14 karat gold-plated and sterling silver piece features a sleek design that you can wear any day or time without worry about nickel allergy sufferers like yourself; it also makes an excellent gift for those who want to show their support!

11. Fem Tote Bag Set

The bags are perfect for carrying your items while expressing feminist ideals. With the powerful quotes in big black bold letters, these canvas totes will last you through extended use with one open compartment inside that is designed specifically for better organization!

12. Water Bottle

This sleek and stylish stainless steel sports bottle is the perfect way to carry your drinks around. The street art design features a unique, one-of kind color combination that you won’t find anywhere else! This durable water vessel can hold hot or cold liquids as well as being BPA free with an airtight hermetic seal for peace of mind when drinking on any adventure – at home or out there exploring town during business hours

13. Vinyl Sticker

This is a sticker you can proud to display. Made from high-quality outdoor vinyl, it has an expected lifespan of 3 – 5 years in harsh conditions! The decals are durable and will last even when exposed to UV rays or water droplets without peeling away at their surface qualities..

14. Etched Wine Glass

This wine glass is the perfect feminist gift for any woman working to make this world better. It comes with an individual box so it will never get lost or broken, and can be used in almost any situation!
The hand-etched design on these glasses shows how much time was spent thinking about what you would want your date drink from when they were done eating their meal – because after all…you deserve nothing but excellence (and maybe some chocolates)!

15. Tough as a Mother Tank

You won’t want to take this top off. It’s the perfect blend of comfort, durability and style!
This cotton tank is soft against your skin while also being resistant enough that you don’t have worry about managing wrinkles easily either at home or when going out in public wearing it (though we recommend turning around after five minutes). The fit can be adjusted depending on what activity level an individual has; whether they’re staying active indoors like myself during these cold winter months exercising via workouts recorded on YouTube

16. Uplifting Quote Pencils

Michelle Obama has been an inspiration to many people and these pencils are a great way of showing your support. The set includes seven different colors, each with their own unique quote from the First Lady that will make them feel special in school or work!

17. Girl Power Socks

These glittering metallic threads are infused with 100% natural cotton. With safety in mind, these socks have been certified by OEKO-TEX Standard which means they lack harmful chemicals and tension regulates blood flow for a more comfortable wear every day of the week! So whenever you need some extra inspirational push to get out there & do whatever it takes – just look down at your feet wearing this pair from us today because we know that’s what will make all those hours worth while…

18. Self-Care Subscription Box

Treat yourself, or someone you love with this Mother’s Day gift box. The perfect way to pamper your special mother! With over $120 worth of value in each box – including natural and organic bath soaps, lotions/ creams (including anti aging), mindful activities plus other self care products like mindfulness games for when we need a break from all the hustle & bustles around us; it’s quite an exquisite present any woman would enjoy receiving from their family members on this day.

19. Bad Girls Throughout History

Want to learn more about the women who have shaped our world? Check out Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed The World. This book not only has amazing content, but it’s also beautifully done with vibrant illustrations and photography that will make you proud for owning such an awesome piece of literature!

20. Empowerment Note Cards

What’s more feminist than a gift set? This box contains two sets of six cards, plus envelopes. The stunning designs on them will motivate and inspire you to go out there in your day-to make it count! Blank inside so they’re perfect for multiple occasions – like sending randomly at night when no one else has time or just wanting some reminder that we can do this together because YOU matter too!!